Off Grid

‘Solar Fiji’: Your Expert Partner in Off-Grid/Stand-Alone Power Systems

In the world of off-grid and stand-alone power systems, ‘Solar Fiji’ shines as the leading solar installation and solar engineering company, committed to delivering sustainable energy solutions in challenging environments across Fiji and beyond. Partnering with ‘Solar Fiji’ means harnessing their expertise and world leading equipment from Victron Energy, to bring reliable electricity to remote or grid-challenged locations.

Solar Fiji’s Offerings: ‘Solar Fiji’ specializes in designing and implementing tailored solar installations, engineered to suit the unique needs of each off-grid setting. Their expert team leverages top-quality components, including inverters, inverter/chargers, and solar charge controllers, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance.

Advantages of ‘Solar Fiji’:

  • Unparalleled Expertise: ‘Solar Fiji’ boasts a team of dedicated professionals with in-depth knowledge of the Victron Energy product range, guaranteeing the highest standards of quality installation and customized solutions.
  • Custom Solutions: As official partners of Victron Energy, ‘Solar Fiji’ customizes renewable energy systems for a variety of applications, from remote bure’s and off-grid homes to rural electrification projects.

Applications: ‘Solar Fiji’ stands at the forefront of the off-grid and standalone power sector, providing dependable renewable energy solutions that transform the lives of communities in Fiji and beyond. Their installations serve as beacons of sustainability in regions where energy access was once limited.