Fiji Development Bank (FDB)

Solar Fiji can help process customer applications with the Fiji Development Bank (FDB) for several loan options that can help finance the purchase of a solar power system. These loan options include personal loans and business loans, each with different terms and conditions depending on the borrower’s specific needs. The FDB also offers solar leasing options for those who prefer to lease rather than purchase their solar power system. The loan application will then be assessed based on the borrower’s financial capacity and the viability of the project. Once approved, the borrower can use the loan to purchase and install the solar power system.

Fiji Development Bank

The Fiji Development Bank (FDB) offers a range of financial products and services that can help Fijian people purchase a solar power system.  The Fiji Development Bank provides loans, leasing options, and advisory services to help Fijians purchase a solar power system. It is committed to promoting sustainable development and supporting the adoption of renewable energy technologies like solar power.