Welcome to Victron Service Center – Fiji Service Center

Solar Fiji operate a Victron Service Center from our Nasinu facility, offering warranty support, maintenance, and service of Victron Energy products. As an authorized and certified facility, we pride ourselves on upholding Victron Energy’s high standards of quality, ensuring that your energy solutions operate at their best.

Key Services:

  1. Product Maintenance and Inspection: Victron Service Centers offer routine maintenance and inspection services to keep Victron Energy products in peak condition. This includes checking for wear and tear, cleaning, and verifying proper operation.
  2. Warranty Support: Service Centers assist customers with warranty claims and coverage, facilitating the repair or replacement of defective components or units covered under Victron Energy’s warranty terms.
  3. Technical Support: Highly trained technicians at Victron Service Centers provide technical support to troubleshoot issues and guide customers through the resolution process. They offer expert advice on product operation and performance optimization.
  4. Repairs and Upgrades: In cases of product malfunction or damage, Service Centers have the expertise to diagnose issues, perform necessary repairs, and conduct upgrades to ensure products meet or exceed specifications.
  5. Product Calibration: Service Centers may offer calibration services for Victron Energy products, ensuring accurate measurements and reliable performance in various applications.
  6. Installation Assistance: Customers can seek guidance on the proper installation of Victron Energy products, ensuring safe and efficient operation in diverse settings, such as solar installations, marine systems, and more.

If you require any assistance with Victron Energy products or operation, please contact our service center.