Leone Nakarawa

Bula Vinaka everyone including those that we share this same journey as a Solar family.

Our journey with Solar Fiji started back in 2020. Back when we were preparing the finishing works of our home, we inquired about a reliable solar company to entrust this project.

Luckily we had a very reliable source who guided & advice us on all that we needed to know regarding the company and their services.

We went ahead with installation of solar panels, inverter & even up to a monitoring system that allows us to track our usage time and again.

We’ve never looked back with Solar Fiji till date. With the solar installed this allows the whole house to run on solar from washing to lights to even drying. We are able to save back on electricity expenses and in a way utilize our natural resources whilst conserving our natural environment.

This would have to be one of our greatest investment especially when it comes to making our home the very best to make every day living with our family/loved ones a safe & happy one.

We’ve been blessed on a few occasions where the public is warned on power shut down, our home continues to run on solar so my family & I don’t have to worry about electricity supply whole day.

We continue to carry out a normal day as it is.

I would advise this to  anyone that has given thought to this investment. This investment sure does go a long way.

Solar Fiji also ensures they take care of their customers well.

From repairs, checks to maintenance they work tirelessly giving their time & effort to ensure customers are satisfied and given the best services available.

Waila Family.

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